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John Lynch talks 49ers with Pro Football Talk

The new 49ers GM chatted with Mike Florio for 20 minutes. Here is the 20 minute video, and a rundown of some of the topics he discussed.

New San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch made an appearance on Pro Football Talk’s PFT Live show, and you can watch the video below. Lynch discussed a wide range of topics over the course of 20 minutes.

  • What got him interested in being a general manager: He spoke about getting to know John Elway and talking with him off and on about personnel issues. He was already interested in it, but that pushed it forward further
  • Why the 49ers made sense: He spoke about the time at Stanford getting to know Bill Walsh at Stanford and learning more about the 49ers as one of iconic organizations in football
  • Talked about his conversation with Kyle Shanahan during the HC search process. They initially were talking about people around the league, and it developed from there
  • Best advice he has gotten during the process
  • On why he’s qualified to do this job
  • How roster control will be handled
  • On the request for secrecy with the 49ers
  • On Paraag Marathe’s role
  • On Kyle Shanahan’s performance in Super Bowl
  • On timeline for rebuilding process
  • On message to fans