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New York Jets hire Jay Cutler’s former QB coach

Where do you see Jay Cutler in 2017?

The veteran quarterback market will feature all sorts of rumors and speculation over the next month, and we have some kindling to toss on the fire. The New York Jets announced on Wednesday that Jeremy Bates is taking over as quarterbacks coach.

Bates joins a team that rolled out a quarterback depth chart that included Ryan Fitzpatrick, Geno Smith, Bryce Petty, and Christian Hackenberg. The season turned out about how you would expect with that kind of depth chart, and all indications are that the Jets will be looking to make some changes at the position.

Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is likely to be looking for a new home, whether it be in a trade or via free agency if he gets cut. We’ve heard some media folks speculate about Cutler as an option for the San Francisco 49ers, but Bates provides a clear connection to the New York Jets. Bates worked as quarterbacks coach in Denver during Jay Cutler’s lone Pro Bowl season. Additionally, he worked with Cutler again in 2012, this time in Chicago.

The quarterback position is going to be an interesting one to track as the new league year begins. Jimmy Garoppolo and Tony Romo are arguably the two top available options if Kirk Cousins ends up getting franchised again. But Cutler, while a bit of a wild card, is still an intriguing option for someone looking for a short-term option. He is not a guy that will be with you for the long haul at the age of 33, but he’s an interesting bridge option.

Where do you see Cutler in 2017?