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Kyle Shanahan, John Lynch both suggest patience as 49ers move forward

How long will we need to be patient?

The San Francisco 49ers welcomed new head coach Kyle Shanahan to town on Wednesday, and he and John Lynch both officially signed their six-year contracts. I believe this is actually Shanahan’s first time in Santa Clara during this process. The 49ers interviews with him have been in Atlanta, and I imagine he hasn’t been back to Levi’s Stadium since the 49ers hosted the Falcons in 2015.

The 49ers are getting the most of both men’s time, introducing them to the entire organization, and then getting a quick video with each of them at the team’s facility.

If you can’t watch the videos, Shanahan talks about being excited to get started, and mentions living there when he was younger, serving as a ball boy. He mentions the Super Bowl teams, and then says he looks forward to get to work to bring the team back. It was interesting in part because he mentioned about the fans having patience as they go through this process.

John Lynch offered his own comments, mentioning that they were not promising a lot other than that they will work hard to get the organization back to where it needs to be.

Given how bad the team has been, it makes sense, but it was still interesting to hear both men verbalize it. That being said, while fans will show patience early, grumbling is always on the horizon if things do not come together.

With that in mind, when do you see the 49ers reaching the playoffs again? Both men are signed through the 2022 season.