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Kyle Shanahan, John Lynch, Jed York press conference bingo cards

Fooch’s update: Forgot BASG did bingo for Jed’s press conference last month. Can grab that one here.

The San Francisco 49ers will introduce new head coach Kyle Shanahan to the media on Thursday at a 1 p.m. PT press conference. Shanahan will be joined by GM John Lynch and CEO Jed York.

This is the third head coach introduction in as many years, but this one includes a new general manager. We won’t get a ton of breaking news out of this press conference, instead likely dealing with plenty of cliches. We have long since moved past caring if the team “wins the press conference.” Instead, all that really matters is clearing the incredibly low bar Jim Tomsula set back in January 2015.

The press conference will probably go fine, but that does not mean we still can’t offer up some entertainment. With that in mind, I have created press conference bingo cards. A lot of you contributed suggestions and we were able to come up with a host of options. I used this website to come up with the bingo card and then create 20 unique versions of it.

We obviously will allow for some leeway in how these are used. Some of you suggested “my uncle.” I went with “Eddie DeBartolo,” but if he says “my uncle,” that will count. I used “Culture” as the free space because I see no way the word culture is not used during the press conference.

Go ahead and pick a random one among these 20 and play along today starting at 1 p.m. PT. We’ll get a transcript later in the day, and I’ll follow up with what words were used.