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2017 NFL salary cap set to be $167 million

The 49ers adjusted cap will be over $200 million.

The NFL will formally announce the 2017 salary cap either late this week or early next week, and it will see a raise of $12 million. The NFLPA announced on Wednesday that the cap will be $167 million. It was $155.27 million last year.

Each team has its own individual cap based on what cap space they carry over from the previous year. For the San Francisco 49ers, this means their adjusted salary cap will be $205,708,916, according to the NFLPA. The 49ers elected to roll over the bulk of their cap space from last year. I say “the bulk,” because it is possible they might have needed to retain some to pay off various credits from last year. Whatever the case, they have a huge amount of cap space heading into the upcoming 2017 league year.

The 49ers had approximately $80 million in cap space prior to their recent free agent signings, and that number is going to increase as soon as tomorrow. Colin Kaepernick’s agents have told teams he will opt out of his contract, which will clear $16.9 million in cap space. They will carry $2,465,753 in dead money. We don’t have the exact number following the Earl Mitchell, K’Waun Williams, and DeAndre Carter signings, but the 49ers likely will still have over $90 million in cap space heading into free agency.