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Bears, Jets emerging as potential landing spots for Mike Glennon

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The QB market is not great, which could bode well for Mike Glennon and Colin Kaepernick.

The quarterback free agency market is pretty light this year, with the biggest names expected to be available via trade. Colin Kaepernick is expected to join the market next week after he opts out of his contract, but Mike Glennon is expected to get some love as well.

Some folks here have suggested the 49ers take a run at him, but for the time being the 49ers not be high on the list. NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport is reporting the Chicago Bears and New York Jets have emerged as potential landing spots for Glennon. This does not mean the 49ers will not kick the tires on Glennon, but for the time being, they have not emerged as a potential contender for his services.

Glennon is viewed as one of the better options on the market, but given the questionable nature of this year’s QB free agency class, he could cash in well. That is one reason it makes sense for Colin Kaepernick to opt out. He had a $14.5 million base salary for 2017, but given the turnover in Santa Clara, it is unlikely the team would have wanted him back at that salary number. There are enough questions about this year’s draft class that Kaepernick and Glennon could do well on short-term deals. Kaepernick will have to face some questions about his protest, but if teams are willing to move past that, there is money to be made. I have a feeling Glennon ends up with a longer-term deal than Kaepernick, but both could do well for themselves this offseason.