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Kyle Shanahan: ‘I see Carlos [Hyde] being our back’

Kyle Shanahan has been a Carlos Hyde fan dating back to when the running back was drafted. He talked about Hyde and scheme.

The San Francisco 49ers hired a head coach in Kyle Shanahan who is known more for his passing game, but his work with the ground game has been impressive. In Atlanta, Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman were critical components of Falcons success. As Shanahan comes to the 49ers, the run game will be critical given the lack of talent at the quarterback position heading into free agency (none).

On Wednesday, Shanahan met with the media at the NFL Combine, and he was asked a couple questions about 49ers running back Carlos Hyde. Both related to scheme, but allowed Shanahan to discuss different things about Hyde.

The first question was hoe he saw Hyde fitting into his scheme:

“Right now, I see Carlos being our back. We’ve studied a lot of the guys on tape. He’s the guy that’s got the most. Carlos is a guy who I was a fan of coming out of college. He had a real good career there. I looked at him hard when, I think I was in Cleveland at the time and had a good feeling he was going to be a great back then. I don’t think he’s a finished product. I think there’s a lot more to his game and I look forward to us helping him bring that out.”

Shanahan had a lot of success with Devonta Freeman in Atlanta. Someone mentioned the fit Freeman had with the run game scheme, and what about Carlos Hyde’s game translates. Shanahan talked about how the best running backs will excel regardless of scheme. He talked about it with regard to Freeman, and said it applied to Hyde.

“I think Devonta in our scheme in Atlanta is how Devonta, to me, would have been in any scheme. If you’re a real good running back, you’re going to be a real good running back. I think people overrate that a lot personally. Carlos was a great running back in college and he has put some real good things on tape so far in the NFL and that’s why I look forward to having him and getting to work with him. I think it goes the same across the board. People I think overrate a little bit too much the scheme. If you’re a good running back in this league, you’re going to be good in your scheme, whatever that is.”

It still makes a world of sense for the 49ers to add another option to complement Hyde. We saw how well it worked with Freeman and Tevin Coleman. The 49ers have some bodies on the roster, but none have stood out as an ideal complement. I don’t anticipate the 49ers spending the No. 2 pick on the draft, but a day two pick would not be entirely surprising.