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Kirk Cousins will not negotiate long-term deal with Washington while Bruce Allen is president

This situation is really an impressive mess.

Clearly it has been too long since we had an update on the Kirk Cousins drama in Washington! The latest report, courtesy of CSN Washington’s Chick Hernandez is that Cousins will not negotiate a long-term extension with the team so long as Bruce Allen remains team president.

This is not a shocking revelation considering all we have heard. There is no reason to think Cousins is happy in Washington, and while he did sign the franchise tender, it seems mostly so he can play out the year and leave next year. Washington could franchise him a third straight year, but paying him $35 million for one year seems a bit much, even with Snyder’s petulance.

Given how things are falling apart in Washington beyond just Cousins, I am not surprised Allen would be the problem. We have seen the reports of discord between Allen and Scot McCloughan, resulting in the latter’s firing with the team blaming his drinking. We have gone from a dysfunctional organization to an outright tire fire.

That being said, money talks. I would be surprised if Cousins returned, but if they offered him an insane amount of money, that would change. Of course, they are in this present situation because they do not want to offer him what Cousins views as fair market value. There is always a chance they place the transition tag next year and match any offer, but the way this has gone, it is only getting uglier.

We are four and a half months away from the start of training camp. I figure we’ll see Cousins in camp when Washington gets going, but what happens beyond that is anybody’s guess. But it’s safe to say, there’s a good chance we become if he remains on the team and is likely to leave in 2018!