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Washington interested in Mike Mayock as GM candidate, per report

Al Davis once tried to hire Mayock for a personnel job.

This just got crazy in a hurry. ESPN is reporting that Washington is interested in NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock as a candidate for their now vacant GM job. Team president Bruce Allen fired Scot McCloughan from the role, and by all accounts has been running football operations for a while now.

This does not directly impact the San Francisco 49ers, but given the Kirk Cousins situation, it is certainly worth noting. And just generally speaking it is fascinating. If Mayock were to end up interviewing, it would not be his first crack at an NFL job. Al Davis wanted to hire him a long while back. Bruce Allen made his bones under Davis, so I suppose this is not an entirely shocking possibility.

Mayock knows a lot about the NFL Draft process, and I would think general talent evaluation crosses over to pro personnel. And of course, he would look to surround himself with the talent necessary to handle the nuts and bolts of contract negotiations and whatnot.

But that doesn’t make it any less crazy sounding at first glance. It’s not entirely crazy, but given how everything is going there, it just seems like a fitting curve in the road.