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49ers GM John Lynch joins Twitter

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We might not get a lot from it, but anything is better than nothing!

After years of Trent Baalke having very little to say to anybody, new San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch has been pretty open with his time when it comes speaking to the media. On Friday, he added a little something else to it. The 49ers GM has joined Twitter!

Normally someone in an organization joining Twitter is not a big deal. However, when an NFL general manager joins it is kind of a big deal. And when it’s the guy following Trent Baalke, well, it’s cause for celebration.

The 49ers front office might have seemingly leaked like a sieve over the past decade, but Trent Baalke was pretty tight-lipped with the media. He would speak from time-to-time, but it was not a regular occurrence, and it sometimes felt like pulling teeth. Lynch is only six weeks into the job, so we can’t make too many assumptions, but thus far, he has made himself available on a fairly frequent basis.

I am not expecting a ton from Lynch’s Twitter account, but it would not surprise me if he occasionally posted news. And even without news coming from the account, it’s just nice to have a GM who is willing to open himself up even just a little bit more. Anything to help us have even a slightly better idea of the man behind the job is nice.