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The 49ers have two free agents in town, one is NOT Martellus Bennett

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Who could the mystery free agents be???

The San Francisco 49ers introduced seven free agents on Friday, and are expected to sign Aldrick Robinson and Matt Barkley shortly. However, it turns out there could be at least two more free agent signings coming down the pike. Matt Maiocco reported that there are two other free agents visiting the team right now, but he could not name them.

One name we know is not among the two is tight end Martellus Bennett. The 49ers were rumored to be interested in him, but this afternoon he announced that he was signing with the Green Bay Packers. Going from Tom Brady to Aaron Rodgers is certainly not the worst idea in the world!

The 49ers have been connected to a handful of other free agents that are still on the market. Linebacker Dont’a Hightower is the most notable name, but the 49ers have also been mentioned in connection with defensive tackles Dontari Poe and Domata Peko. And of course, there is always the chance of a mystery candidate that has not yet been speculated upon.