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Marquise Goodwin tweeted some beef about Rashard Robinson in February

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I’m guessing it’s nothing, or they’ll get past it quickly, but if they have a camp scuffle, there you have it!

The San Francisco 49ers signed wide receiver Marquise Goodwin on Thursday, and he will get a chance to face some familiar faces in practice. The 49ers faced the Buffalo Bills this past season losing in ugly fashion by a final score of 45-16. LeSean McCoy, Tyrod Taylor, and Mike Gillislee all had their way with the 49ers on the ground, rushing for a combined 269 yards and four touchdowns.

However, a quiet matchup that day appears to have brought some later drama. New 49er Marquise Goodwin had a quiet day, catching two passes for 22 yards, but it sounds like there was briefly some beef between Goodwin and 49ers rookie cornerback Rashard Robinson.

Social media never forgets anything, and someone passed along this tweet that Goodwin sent in February.

I can’t find what he is talking about, whether it’s a tweet or maybe Robinson said something to a mutual friend, or whatever. But Goodwin briefly had some beef on this.

I’m guessing both sides are either already over it, or will be able to clear the air when they potentially meet for the first time next month at the offseason workout program. I can’t imagine it’s a big deal, but social media has made these kinds of things all the more entertaining in recent years. And if Robinson and Goodwin getting into any scuffles during OTAs or training camp, well, there you have it!

On a side note, I took a look back at some of all-22 film. Robinson was not covering him all day, but I did notice Goodwin burning him deep at least once, although Taylor did not see him open.

Fooch’s update: Looks like it was about Robinson’s IG post, in which Robinson said, “They said he was a deep threat guy.”

They said he was a deep threat guy ‍♂️

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