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Colin Kaepernick’s locker all cleared out

Now we wait to see how the 49ers fill out their depth chart.

This is not a shocking revelation by any means, but it is still interesting to see. The 49ers held their free agency press conference on Friday, and media had a chance to speak with the new 49ers in the locker room. While in there, one person got a picture of Colin Kaepernick’s now old locker. It was all cleared out and his name plate was removed from up top.

It is moderately interesting to note that Blaine Gabbert’s name plate is still up there. I’m guessing he will not be back in 2017, but I suppose we’ll have to see how the rest of free agency plays out.

Kyle Shanahan was asked if the team was going to continue looking for quarterbacks in free agency. Shanahan acknowledged the need for more quarterbacks, but he also said, “I don’t know whether that’ll be through free agency or the draft, but there’s every avenue possible.”

The team is going to have more than two quarterbacks on the roster, and my guess is at least two of them will be rookies. Will we see more than four quarterbacks at any point between now and final roster cuts?