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Brian Hoyer: Nothing will be crazier than Johnny Manziel, Hard Knocks QB competitions

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Brian Hoyer thinks Kyle Shanahan will be up front with him, and it should not turn into a crazy situation.

The San Francisco 49ers signed Brian Hoyer on Thursday, and at the time, John Lynch twice used the words “right now” to describe him as the 49ers guy at starting quarterback. It is generally accepted that Brian Hoyer is not a long-term answer, and the question will continue to come up as the team addresses the position.

Hoyer seems pretty comfortable with the situation. He has had to scratch and claw for anything throughout his career, and understands a quarterback competition will unfold.

On Friday, after being introduced to the media, Hoyer had an amusing comment about dealing with quarterback competitions. When he was in Cleveland, he got to compete with Johnny Manziel, and then a year later in Houston was in a QB competition during Hard Knocks. He summed it up pretty well:

“Nothing is gonna be crazier to me than what I've already been through.”

Hoyer talked about how a drawing point with the 49ers is that Kyle Shanahan went through the Manziel stuff in 2014. Hoyer said the 49ers coach is not going to beat around the busy with him. Shanahan and GM John Lynch both have talked about transparency, and by all accounts, we are seeing it with the quarterback situation at this very early juncture.