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Golden Nuggets: Lynch’s free agency is fun

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Your San Francisco 49ers links for Saturday, March 11th 2016

I remember during Trent Baalke’s free agency that I could actually work and check in from time to time to see all the signings (or lack thereof). I swear to God I still don’t know who got signed. Every time I’m checking Niners Nation, Twitter, etc. the San Francisco 49ers are signing someone else.

Good lord.

And they need these guys. Forget grades, assessments etc. Kyle Shanahan needs these guys to establish his system, his offense, his culture. These are the guys to do it—and they are worth the price. With the rookies Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch bring in, these guys are going to be there knowing what Shanahan wants and will help the young ones figure it out.

I’m no longer trying to force myself to be optimistic, all these signings, while not particularly flashy, make total sense. There’s more probably coming—now show me what they do in the draft!

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What a horrible night to have a curse...