The nail in the coffin for DeShaun Watson

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

DeShaun Watson's ball velocity : 49 mph ...

That number got me thinking , how many people in the NFL have succeeded with an arm like that , the answer none.

From 2008 - 16 , every prospect with a ball velocity under 55 mph failed in the NFL , if you don't think its that big a problem :

What does that mean , well , not one prospect with a ball speed like Watson's has succeeded in the NFL. Its not like Watson makes up his speed with his accuracy or judgments those are considered his weak points, so basically he is done, finished.

The only two prospects to throw under 55 mph and have any remote success have been Tyrod Taylor (50) and Dak (54) but they both had injured shoulders when it was measured.

Obviously having a great arm like Logan Thomas (60) wont guarantee you success but anything below 55 mph , you are bound to fail . Other prospects this year you can scratch off the list are Kaaya and Peterman who both had a speed of 53 mph.

So sorry Watson fans but his ship hit an iceberg and sunk to the bottom of the sea with Watson on deck .

I would like to see what you guys think of this, does this mean you are off Watson or are you still willing to give him a chance? Thought this would be an interesting conversation.

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