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Rashard Robinson is ready for practice competition with Marquise Goodwin

It should make for a fun competition when the players get back on the field.

On Friday, the San Francisco 49ers introduced Marquise Goodwin and the rest of the first wave of free agents. Shortly after his introduction, a February tweet of his showed up where he was not pleased that 49ers cornerback Rashard Robinson was talking smack about him on Instagram.

Well, now Robinson has seen Goodwin’s tweet. Robinson tweeted, “see you in ota’s my G,” earlier this afternoon.

Competition is always a big plus, and given their developing history, I’m guessing Goodwin and Robinson could bring some intense competition to the field. Former 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh used to talk about how iron sharpens iron, and we can expect some of that as the 49ers continue the rebuilding process.

The two guys won’t be able to go at it right away. The first few weeks of OTAs do not allow for any football-related competition between the players. There will be passing and workouts, but the team does not get into playbook implementation until further into the program. Goodwin and Robinson will have to cool their jets until then!