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Golden Nuggets: Free agency continues

Sunday, March 12th, 2017 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from around the Internet.

The San Francisco 49ers sure did spend some money in free agency. I cant say I like all of the signings, but as a whole it’s clear that Kyle Shanahan has a big voice when it comes to making decisions and I think that’s important. John Lynch doesn’t have enough experience to do all of this himself, and given that Shanahan basically hired him, it makes sense that Shanahan is putting together a roster that he wants.

Will that roster be successful? I honestly have no idea, though it’s worth noting I’ve been a closet Brian Hoyer fan for quite some time. Is that weird? I feel like it’s weird to be a Hoyer fan, but that’s me I suppose. Also, if you missed my film review on Kyle Juszczyk and his pass-catching ability, please check that out when you get a chance. Film review takes a lot of time, and comments are my reward for that.

Onto your links for the day, folks.

After 14 new additions, here’s what a 49ers depth chart looks like (Barrows)

Free agent market quiet and polarized on Colin Kaepernick front (Biderman)

49ers FB Juszczyk has IQ to handle duties as OW (Branch)

OW! Juszczyk gives 49ers’ Lynch lesson in NFL economics (Barrows)

After addressing offense and defense, 49ers turn attention to special teams (Maiocco)

Dissecting the big numbers of 49ers’ free-agent frenzy (SacBee)

Shanahan not sure if 49ers will add QB via free agency of draft (Maiocco)