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Time stamps for Brian Hoyer/Malcolm Smith podcast with Matt Maiocco

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Two of the 49ers newest players sat down with Matt Maiocco for his podcast. Here is a rundown of what they discussed.

Matt Maiocco’s 49ers Insider Podcast this week has two guests, quarterback Brian Hoyer and linebacker Malcolm Smith. Both are part of the 2017 free agent class and present during the first press conference to introduce them along with the other seven initial signings. Like the other podcasts, this hits a lot of good topics and insight from the guests and gives a bit more context into the free agents’ decision making process.

Given that I’ve been scrubbing Maiocco’s last two podcasts along with this one, expect to find full time-stamp rundowns here on Niners Nation after they go live in the future. You can listen to both interviews here.

Quarterback Brian Hoyer

1:21: He’ll always be the first quarterback selected of the Shanahan era
1:57: His state of mind when free agency began
2:27: What distinguishes Kyle Shanahan from other offensive minds?
3:30: His thought process on signing with the 49ers given their talent level
4:34: Thoughts on working with Kyle Juszczyk
5:00: On John Fox’s comments about him making quick decisions
5:45: How he got information on the 49ers quarterback situation
6:40: On how he’ll work with Matt Barkley.
7:25: Has he ever stepped into a leadership role?
8:25: Will he be moving out to the Bay Area?

Linebacker Malcolm Smith

10:08: Despite being with the Raiders, will he move?
10:24: Memories of competing with the 49ers
10:53: On breaking 49ers fans’ hearts in the 2014 NFC Championship Game
11:58: Why come to the 49ers at this point?
12:53: His interactions with defensive coordinator Robert Saleh
13:45: On his role in San Francisco vs others
14:25: Scouting report on Navarro Bowman
15:49: On if he was able to bond with the (large) recruiting class