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Eagles sign Nick Foles, Chase Daniel likely on the trade block

The Eagles brought back an old friend, which could mean trade time. Would the 49ers have interest?

The Philadelphia Eagles have decided to give the Nick Foles experience another go. The team announced they have signed him to a two-year deal.

The question now is what happens to backup quarterback Chase Daniel. The Eagles signed Daniel in 2016 to a three-year deal worth up to $21 million. Carson Wentz is the team’s cornerstone at quarterback, so Foles and Daniel would potentially be competing for the backup role. However, odds are pretty good the Eagles will try and trade Daniel. He is due $7 million, with $5 million of it fully guaranteed. Releasing Foles Daniels would clear $1 million in cap space, while a trade would clear $6 million since the guarantee would go to the new team.

Naturally that means it is time to consider the San Francisco 49ers QB situation. However, I’d be surprised at this point if the 49ers made a move for Daniel. There were reports a week and a half ago that the Eagles might make a move for Foles. One would think Daniel would have been on the market at that point, so it is possible the 49ers already inquired, or have no interest in inquiring. Either way, my guess is Daniel does not end up with the 49ers.

The team signed Brian Hoyer and Matt Barkley last week. At the time Hoyer signed, John Lynch said he was the team’s guy for now. Emphasis on for now, because at the time he as the only quarterback on the roster. Hoyer signed because he felt he had a strong chance at starting, but he also knew the team would bring in additional quarterbacks to compete. Maybe the 49ers give the Eagles a call (or another call?), but I am not anticipating that happening.