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Brian Hoyer contract incentives are back-loaded

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The 49ers have a deal with Brian Hoyer that seems to work well for both sides.

The San Francisco 49ers signed Brian Hoyer to a two-year contract last week, and some clarity is arriving on what the deal entails. We don’t have the full numbers, but Ben Volin has a couple extra details.

Fooch’s update: Aaron Wilson has more details. Here’s the full rundown of his contract.

2017 cap hit: $5,275,000

Base: $2,950,000
Pro-rated SB: $2,000,000
Roster bonus: $400,000 (divided up per game - $225,000 of it is NLTBE due to his 2017 broken arm)
Workout bonus: $150,000
Incentives: $1,500,000

2018 cap hit: $6,500,000

Base: $3,950,000
Pro-rated SB: $2,000,000
Roster bonus: $400,000 (divided up per game)
Workout bonus: $150,000
Incentives: $5,000,000

When the deal was first signed, Jason La Canfora reported it was two years, $12 million with $10 million fully guaranteed, and a chance for the total package to climb to $18 million. Adam Caplan followed up, reporting the incentives were 2,500 passing yards and 20 touchdowns. Volin is now reporting the full guarantee is $9.85 million. He also has information on the incentives split.

What I find most interesting about this deal is that the incentives are bigger in the second year than the first year. This suggests to me that the 49ers expect him to be starting in 2017, but are hoping they have found another solution in 2018. It could be Kirk Cousins or another free agent. It could also be a draft pick this year or next year, with the thought that the rookie gets into the starting lineup sooner rather than later and Hoyer doesn’t earn those incentives.

The deal looks to me like one where Hoyer gets solid up-front money, while the 49ers can prepare for moving him back into a backup role at some point in 2018.