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At least 3 teams have inquired about restricted free agent RB Isaiah Crowell

Crowell is a talented running back, but worth a high second round pick?

The Cleveland Browns placed a second round tender on restricted free agent running back Isaiah Crowell, but that does not seem to be dissuading all interest. ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler is reporting that at least three teams have inquired about Crowell. If one of these teams signed him to an offer sheet and the Browns did not match it, the team would have to give up their second round pick this year for Crowell. Teams have until April 21 to sign him to an offer sheet.

There is no word on who the three teams are, but a second round pick seems a bit much to get something done. And considering there are some talented backs in this year’s draft, is Crowell worth a second? He rushed for 952 yards and seven touchdowns last season, averaging 4.8 yards per carry. He had four 100-yard games, but also eight games with less than 50 yards.

During his rookie season, Crowell played for Kyle Shanahan when the latter was the Browns’ offensive coordinator. Crowell rushed for 607 yards and eight touchdowns, averaging 4.1 yards per carry.

Crowell would not join the 49ers to be a work-horse back, but would complement Carlos Hyde in 2017. Of course, he would also likely be signing a sizable enough deal to get him away from Cleveland. I’m just not sure I see that happening. But we don’t know what Shanahan thinks of his brief one-time running back.