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Kirk Cousins learned he had demanded a trade from a shoe-store employee

From the proverbial horse’s mouth.

Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins has been the subject of numerous rumors this offseason, with reports he wants out, and wants to play for Kyle Shanahan and the San Francisco 49ers. It has been mostly anonymous reporting, but on Monday, the Washington QB spoke on the matter. And he claims it is mostly BS.

Cousins appeared on Adam Schefter’s podcast, and he discussed the much reported rumors he demanded a trade and went all the way up to Dan Snyder. Cousins said he did not in fact ask for a trade, but rather inquired if there had been interest in trading him.

“I did inquire if there was any interest in trading me to get an understanding of their perspective," Cousins said. "The answer I got back was Mr. Snyder communicated his belief in me and desire for me to remain [in Washington] and his desire to help me by surrounding the quarterback position with all the players and coaches that you need to succeed.”

According to Cousins, he first heard that he had “demanded” a trade when he was at a shoe store, and an employee brought it up. Cousins said he did not know where the notion came from, and, “[s]omehow it got twisted to where an employee of the store is using the word ‘demanded.’ That's not the approach I took.”

I have no idea what to believe at this point. Cousins has seemed like the “good soldier” type, and knowing he’ll earn $24 million this year probably makes it easier to play that role. Washington seems to be a dumpster fire right now, but money can certainly make things easier. I guess we’ll just keep waiting to see what happens over the next 11 months with a potential long-term deal.