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49ers lead NFL with $73 million in salary cap space

We’ve got details on 12 of the 15 contracts signed.

The San Francisco 49ers entered free agency with approximately $104 million in adjusted cap space, and one week in, they lead the NFL with $73.9 million. ESPN’s Field Yates got a look at official NFL accounting figures, and the 49ers top the league, ahead of the Cleveland Browns, who have $61.4 million.

The NFLPA and NFL each track salary cap space, with the NFLPA providing their information on a public salary cap report. That page currently has the 49ers at $81 million in cap space, but does not have all the contracts fully processed. Once a player signs a contract with a team, copies are sent to the player’s agent, the NFL Management Council, and the NFLPA. Each then processes the contracts accordingly.

Over the weekend, Jason Hurley took what we knew and offered some additional contract guesstimations, and had the 49ers around $74 million in cap space before the smaller end contracts. So, he was pretty close!

Here are the players the 49ers have signed and extended dating back to the couple of weeks before free agency. The linked ones have contract write-ups, the remaining do not. The NFLPA has Brock Coyle making $1 million in base salary, so I’m guessing there are a few more details to that contract we will need to unearth. Otherwise, we have a full rundown on 12 of the 15 contracts the 49ers have executed over the past three weeks.

Free agency contracts

QB Brian Hoyer
FB Kyle Juszczyk
WR Pierre Garcon
WR Marquise Goodwin
TE Logan Paulsen
LB Malcolm Smith
K Robbie Gould
QB Matt Barkley
WR Aldrick Robinson
LB Brock Coyle
DB Don Jones

Pre-free agency contracts

WR Jeremy Kerley extension
DT Earl Mitchell
CB K’Waun Williams
WR DeAndre Carter