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DeMarcus Ware retirement gives Joe Staley chance to remember that sack

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This sack still cracks me up.

Pass rushing demon DeMarcus Ware announced his retirement on Monday, and naturally the praise is pouring in. Ware finished his career with 138.5 sacks, which left him ranked No. 8 all-time in NFL history.

Ware has had numerous memorable sacks, but for 49ers fans, his most memorable sack might have been this one of Colin Kaepernick back in 2014. It wasn’t that he took down Kaepernick, but rather how he actually got to Kaepernick. Ware made a move outside to set up what appeared to be a planned spin move inside. Left tackle Joe Staley anticipated that a spin move was coming, and decided to spin back himself to catch Ware on the inside.

Only, Ware cut the spin move off early. Staley spun to his right and when he finished the spin, he was blocking air. The move is kind of amazing to watch.

As one would expect, Staley has a good sense of humor about it. Staley found out about Ware retiring because he was getting a lot of notifications on his phone. Turns out much of the football-loving world was talking about that particularly play. Ware apparently ran into him at the Pro Bowl that year and joked about how Staley made him a viral sensation. Robert Klemko had this from Staley: