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Watch DeMarcus Ware’s first career sack, vs. Tim Rattay and the San Francisco 49ers

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Tight end Steve Bush could not quite hold off the rookie pass rusher.

The NFL is celebrating the career of pass rusher DeMarcus Ware following his announcement on Monday that he is calling it a career. He finished his career ranked No. 8 all-time in sacks, and the San Francisco 49ers managed to figure in somewhat prominently in his career.

Someone posted a list of every quarterback DeMarcus Ware sacked. When you have 138.5 career sacks, a lot of quarterbacks are going to show up on the list. Eli Manning topped it, and Alex Smith was the highest 49er on the list (although five of the seven came once Smith was with the Kansas City Chiefs).

Tim Rattay made an appearance, and it was a notable sack. DeMarcus Ware’s first career sack came in Week 3 of the 2005 season, against the 49ers. The Cowboys spent the No. 11 pick on Ware, and he paid dividends early on. He managed eight sacks his rookie season, and the first came in the video above.

There’s so much to make of that, including the fact that the tight end facing Ware was Steve Bush. I had to Google him because I certainly did not remember who he was. Ware is a great pass rusher, but he really didn’t have to do a whole lot to get past Bush. The tight end seemed to be trying to kick him outside, but he really never had a chance on the play.

The 49ers ended up losing that game 34-31 on a Cowboys touchdown with 1:51 remaining in the game. The game-winning connection was a 14-yard pass from Drew Bledsoe to Keyshawn Johnson. Brandon Lloyd led the game with 142 receiving yards and two touchdowns, with Cowboys receiver Terry Glenn right behind him at 137. Arnaz Battle led the 49ers with six receptions, while Johnnie Morton and Kevan Barlow each had four receptions to match Lloyd. Barlow led the 49ers with 65 rushing yards, while Frank Gore had 42. Cowboys running back Julius Jones led both teams with 85 yards.

Talk about so many blasts from the past!