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2017 NFL power rankings after one week of free agency

The 49ers climb one spot, and hope for more from a journeyman quarterback.

The first significant phase of free agency is a wrap, and we have now gotten to veterans and flyer deals. The San Francisco 49ers signed 11 unrestricted free agents, following the addition of three players previously cut. The team still has a bunch of cap space and ten draft picks to continue filling out holes.

With the most expensive part of free agency finished, analyst Elliot Harrison decided to put together his first NFL power rankings of the offseason. Back on February 8, Harrison ranked out the teams to close out the Super Bowl, and he had the 49ers ranked No. 31. Five weeks later, Harrison bumped the 49ers up to No. 30, dropping the New York Jets from No. 28 to No. 31.

Back in early February, Harrison said the 49ers absolutely needed to go after Kirk Cousins. In his latest 49ers comments, he focuses on the QB position again, but this time to discuss why Brian Hoyer is not such a bad signing — particularly when compared to Mike Glennon.

With all the talk around Kirk Cousins potentially going to the 49ers, I thought it an appropriate time to discuss a different topic. So, I reached out to one of my colleagues for ideas. Her contribution: "I used to have a crush on Colin Kaepernick." Funny, so did the 49ers. On another note: Everyone who asked Brian Hoyer to Sadie Hawkins in recent years didn't want to hook up, at least not in an NFL sense. Hoyer got one season as a starter in Houston, had to look over his shoulder at Ryan Mallett, then was dumped after a poor playoff performance. In Chicago, he racked up four straight 300-yard games (outplaying Jay Cutler) before getting hurt ... then watched as Mike Glennon got paid a multiples of his contract. Just a little knowledge, between you and me: Hoyer and Glennon's career stats are eerily similar (84.8 passer rating for the former, 84.6 for the latter) with one big exception: Glennon is 5-13 as a starter. Hoyer? 16-15. #justsayin'

When the 2017 season gets here, we might just have to come up with a weekly feature comparing all the quarterbacks of note from this offseason. Not just Hoyer and Glennon, but also Kirk Cousins, the rookies, and maybe even guys like Tony Romo and Jay Cutler. It was an odd offseason for quarterbacks, so seeing how each one does compared to the rest could be something worth tracking this year. Especially considering the 49ers do not have a long-term option in place yet.