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49ers team doctor wins award, and there is a Trent Baalke joke to be made

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Congrats to the good doctor.

The San Francisco 49ers announced on Wednesday that team physician, Dr. Timothy McAdams has been honored with the Arthur C. Rettig Award. The award was created in 2014, and is presented by the NFL Physicians Society Scientific Meeting at the annual NFL National Scouting Combine in Indianapolis. It was established to recognize an NFL team physician for excellence in academic research and advancing the health and safety of players in the NFL.

So, what was the basis of Dr. McAdams’ research? Let’s just say, you can’t make this up:

[Dr. McAdams] study, titled “Video Analysis of ACL Injuries in the National Football League,” looked at video of ACL injuries from three past NFL seasons to determine the mechanism of injury and pave the way for ACL injury prevention programs in the NFL.

Yep, Dr. McAdams wrote did research on ACL injuries. My question is this: Did he do this research because the 49ers were drafting so many players with ACL injuries? Or was it because Trent Baalke had a strategy and wanted some more input on the issue? It is entirely possible it is a coincidence and unrelated to the 49ers draft strategy over the past five years, which actually might make it even more amusing.

Dr. McAdams has been with the 49ers since 2007, and has been the team’s medical director and head physician since 2014. He also works with the San Francisco Giants, Golden State Warriors, and Stanford men’s basketball team. According to his Stanford bio, Dr. McAdams’ clinical focus includes sports medicine, sports injuries, knee surgery, knee injuries, shoulder and elbow surgery, hand surgery, ankle injuries, and orthopaedic surgery.