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Some in Washington might actually think short-term Colt McCoy is a good idea

Please let them switch to Colt McCoy.

Washington has yet to figure out their situation with quarterback Kirk Cousins, but we continue to hear reports that some in the organization might actually think Colt McCoy short-term is better than paying Kirk Cousins long term. Earlier this month, Albert Breer reported that some folks think McCoy as a bridge quarterback makes more sense than paying big money to Cousins.

On Wednesday, Breer discussed the topic on Cleveland radio, and said effectively the same thing.

There were some rumblings on Tuesday that the Browns might be interested in Kirk Cousins. That has subsequently been downplayed, and it is possible it is Washington trying to build up some trade leverage elsewhere.

I have no idea how this will all shake out, but part of me hopes they trade Cousins to anybody and actually follow through with Colt McCoy as their short-term starting quarterback. I don’t know that he would be the worst quarterback in the league, but I am more than willing to watch Washington make this change and then go down in flames.

I get the notion of not wanting to pay big bucks for Cousins, but if I’m Washington, I’d rather invest a high pick in a QB this year, let Cousins walk next year, and go from there. Losing DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon is a big deal, but they have a decent shot in the NFC East with Cousins. A switch to McCoy seems like a give-up on the year, even if Dan Snyder might not see it that way.