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Brian Hoyer talked about helping 49ers players acclimate to Kyle Shanahan system

The San Francisco 49ers have signed several players with connections to Kyle Shanahan and also the Seattle Seahawks defense. It makes sense.

The San Francisco 49ers have been plenty active over the past month, signing 14 free agents, trading for a center, and re-signing two of their own free agents. The overhaul has been huge, but there has been a reason beyond just change for change’s sake.

One common refrain in free agency has been the addition of players with some kind of connection to what the 49ers are doing. Players like Brian Hoyer, Pierre Garcon, and others know some aspect of Kyle Shanahan’s offense. Players like Malcolm Smith and Brock Coyle have experience in the Seattle Seahawks-style defense the team is looking to implement.

On Wednesday, new quarterback Brian Hoyer was on PFT Live talking about his role with the team. He joined the 49ers because he felt they gave him a great chance to start. He has heard the chatter about his long-term future with the team, and the fact that they have been connected to Kirk Cousins and various draft prospects. Hoyer said he learned to just control what he can control, and not worry about the rest.

What I found most interesting about Hoyer’s conversation on PFT Live was his point about what he can control. He talked about going in and helping other guys acclimate to Kyle Shanahan’s system.

“For me, it’s going there day one, try to help these other guys acclimate to the system, with myself having knowledge. It will be helpful to have a guy like Pierre Garcon, we signed, having been in this offense before. Logan Paulsen - I mean we have guys who played in the system, and we’re gonna be counted on to help other guys along into the same system.”

The 49ers are building back from a 2-14 season, so a roster overhaul makes sense. However, they do have some talent on the roster that will likely be part of the long-term plan. They need to get players like that up to speed on the new offense and defense. Adding guys with connections to Kyle Shanahan and the Seahawks defense will potentially speed that process up.

The 49ers return to Santa Clara for the offseason workout program in a couple weeks. The first couple weeks of on-field work will be strength and conditioning, and rehab for injured players. There will be class work, and then they can get into on-field implementation. The coaches have plenty of work in front of them, but players with experience will be essential to getting the team up to speed as quickly as possible.