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One scout gives Deshaun Watson B-/C+ for Pro Day workout

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It’s safe to say most Deshaun Watson opinions will remain the same after his Pro Day.

Fooch’s update: Mike Mayock was impressed with the workout.

"They really highlighted movement starting under center. A lot of waggle, bootlegs, sprintout. But his footwork was much improved because they're working on the feet and the hips, trying to sync that up with his arm strength," Mayock said. "Now his arm strength at all three levels is outstanding -- short, medium, deep. He had a little bit more trajectory on the football, another thing they worked on. A quick overview on Watson would be very impressive workout. One caution -- like most spread quarterbacks, his accuracy is tied to his feet. His feet are a work in progress. But this is a kid you really want to work for. He's a bright-eyed kid that plays his best football under the bright lights. Really strong day for Deshaun Watson."

If you were looking for fireworks one way or another from Deshaun Watson’s Pro Day, I’m sorry to disappoint you. Greg Valerio will have more on the workout tomorrow, but for now, reviews are fairly middle of the road. One scout told NFL Network draft analyst Daniel Jeremiah that it was a fairly average day with some good and some bad.

A strong Pro Day would have helped Watson’s case, but it seems like for the time being, most teams will have the same opinion after as they did before. Some will view him as a guy with all the intangibles and enough weapons to be someone they think can develop. Others will see him as an inconsistent player with enough questions about how his game will transition to stay away.

I think we see someone draft him in the first round, but most opinions about him likely will not change much if at all because of his Pro Day.