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Will Dontari Poe signing get Johnathan Hankins signed somewhere soon?

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The 49ers have been connected to defensive tackles, but nothing further has developed.

The Atlanta Falcons announced on Thursday that they have signed free agent defensive tackle Dontari Poe to a one-year deal. Poe also visited with the Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville Jaguars, and Miami Dolphins, but will help beef up Dan Quinn’s defense.

There are a lot of one-year deals being handed out as veterans look to prove something and establish a better market for next year. Now that Poe is off the market, odds seem pretty good we’ll start to see the remaining veterans signing similar one-year deals. The most notable name is Johnathan Hankins, but Ricky Jean-Francois is now on the market as well following Washington’s decision to release him.

The 49ers re-signed Chris Jones to a one-year deal, and added Earl Mitchell prior to the start of free agency. Mitchell will likely start next to DeForest Buckner in the team’s base defense, with Arik Armstead on one end, and one of Aaron Lynch, Tank Carradine, Eli Harold, or a draft pick in the “Leo” role. But could we see a further addition to the defensive tackles? The 49ers were connected to a few of the free agents, but we did not hear of any meetings, or anything further developing from that interest. Any 49ers DT signing at this point would seem to be no more than a depth option.