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Seahawks open to trading Richard Sherman, per report

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I doubt a deal happens, but it’s amusing to consider.

Since we’re talking about the NFC West, this is certainly a juicy nugget. Per NFL analyst Mike Loyko, former NFL executive Mike Lombardi apparently said that is hearing the Seattle Seahawks would be open to moving cornerback Richard Sherman “if the offer was serious.”

I am skeptical anything actually gets done. Richard Sherman is due $11,431,000 this year and $11 million in 2018. That’s not super crazy money, and a trade would potentially also include a re-done contract. But add that all in with the draft pick compensation the Seahawks would likely want, and it just doesn’t seem like it will happen.

That being said, I would laugh pretty hard if the 49ers made a move for Sherman. I don’t see it happening, but trade rumors surrounding Richard Sherman means we clearly have to consider the insane possibility of him on the 49ers, right? In some ways it just seems like a fitting end to this whole thing. It won’t happen, but it’s still amusing to ponder.

And just for kicks:

Richard Sherman shaking his head in disbelief at the end of Super Bowl 49