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Golden Nuggets: A little praise for our free agents

San Francisco 49ers links for Friday March 17, 2017

What did Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch think when they watched the right side of our offensive line’s feeble attempt at a zone blocking scheme last season? Trenton Brown is a big strong mountain of a man and Joshua Garnett is a promising young first round pick but neither of them are known for being athletic enough to be the kind of players you would pick up to play in a zone blocking scheme. It doesn’t take much to see how they felt about Vance McDonald’s roll. They brought in a blocking tight end even though Vance is mainly known for his blocking, who just happens to be more familiar with this system.

It makes me wonder what they have in mind to make these players with all of that great potential be able work in their system. I keep thinking they will be moving Garnett to the left guard position in order to separate him from Brown and give both players a better chance at success but who knows? Having Jeremy Zuttah on one side of Garnett and Logan Paulsen on one side of Brown should already be a big help. Perhaps that will be good enough?

I often tell people I am just as into giving praise as I am into beinging critical. I know people think I have been critical lately and it is time for some much deserved praise like I promised. I have already given some praise for the much needed additions of Zuttah and Paulsen, but I also really like the addition of “can you give me a vowel” Kyle Juszczyk. I like how he can be utilized as both our blocking fullback and he can also be used as our much needed receiving tight end. It is only fitting that he got tight end pay.

I know a lot of people are critical of either Marcus Goodwin or Aldrick Robinson but I really think they are both good additions and if there is one area I completely trust Kyle Shanahan, it is finding the right wide receivers to fit our team.

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