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NFL Network offers Brian Westbrook, Danny Woodhead comparisons for Christian McCaffrey

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I don’t think that qualifies as a “worst case,” but if he can reach even Woodhead, I’d be down for that.

The San Francisco 49ers will likely add some depth at running back in the 2017 NFL Draft, but the question right now is at what point are they willing to commit. The team has ten draft picks, and this represents a fairly deep running back class. There have been some suggestions of Leonard Fournette with the No. 2 pick, but with so many defensive needs, is he worth it for that kind of valuable asset?

If the 49ers want to until day two, Stanford running back Christian McCaffrey is someone who could be on their radar. McCaffrey is getting a lot of love for his versatility, and recently NFL Network analysts had plenty of praise for him. They discussed him in their Path to the Draft program, and suggested best and worst case scenarios for McCaffrey.

I’m not quite sure they quite understand what worst case might actually be. The best case they suggest is former NFL running back Brian Westbrook. The worst case they suggest is current NFL running back Danny Woodhead.

I’m all for excitement about a prospect, so I presume they’re saying if things work out to some extent, this is what you can get out of him. I’d say a realistic worst case is that he simply does not pan out as a decent running back. He could put together a lengthy enough career without emerging as even a Danny Woodhead caliber running back.

That being said, if he is going to pan out along either of those lines, I would certainly be down for seeing him on the 49ers roster. If the 49ers went defense in the first round, spending a high second round pick on McCaffrey could make a lot of sense. Carlos Hyde will be the work horse back, but having both McCaffrey and Kyle Juszczyk as backfield options could do a lot to get this offense off the ground in a hurry.