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Colin Kaepernick, Ben Stiller Foundation get airplane to fly food, water to Somalia

Props to the free agent QB.

Colin Kaepernick is not expected to return to the San Francisco 49ers, but amidst question marks about his free agency future, the quarterback continues to score big off the field.

Earlier this week, Kaepernick presented a plea via social media to help convince Turkish Airlines to let a group use a plane to fly food, water, and other supplies to Somalia. Famine is hitting the country, and millions of people are in peril. On Friday, Kaepernick announced that the lobbying had worked, and the airline will provide a 60-ton cargo plane to fly supplies to the region.

Kaepernick is working with a group called the Love Army for Somalia. They have established a Go Fund Me page to raise money to purchase food, water, and other supplies. Ben Stiller attached his non-profit foundation to the cause to receive and manage the funds. If you are interested in helping, you can head over to the page and offer up support.

Colin Kaepernick’s football future remains in doubt, amidst reports there are general managers out there who despise his protest. But clearly he has found opportunities to help people in numerous ways. Even if he never plays another down of football, what he has done over the past seven months, and likely will continue doing for the foreseeable future is quite impressive.