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Which teams might take a QB in the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft?

The 49ers could end up waiting on a QB, but how many teams might go QB in the first round?

The San Francisco 49ers will be adding at least one quarterback next month in the 2017 NFL Draft. There is some talk of using the No. 2 pick on Mitch Trubisky, DeShaun Watson, or DeShone Kizer, but there is also consideration to waiting and selecting a QB on day two or three.

If the 49ers elect to wait out the first round on the position, there are questions as to who will slip out of the round. Entering the pre-draft process, Trubisky, Watson, and Kizer were getting the most consensus discussion as first round prospects. However, we have Patrick Mahomes enter the conversation, and Davis Webb getting a little bit of love as a riser on draft boards.

There are several teams that need a QB sooner rather than later, but there are also teams that will be looking to grab a quarterback in preparation for when they eventually need to make a change. That makes it a little harder to predict who will draft quarterbacks in the early rounds.

Earlier this week, put together a look at which teams might draft a QB in the first round. They listed six teams, and one of them was NOT the 49ers. They said the 49ers “appear content to ride into next season with Brian Hoyer as their No. 1.” I don’t think that precludes an early pick on a draft, but I would be surprised if they went QB at No. 2.

Here are the six teams they listed as potentially willing to spend a first round pick on the quarterback position.

Cleveland Browns
New York Jets
Buffalo Bills
Arizona Cardinals
Houston Texans
New Orleans Saints

I would add a wild card team to the mix: the Kansas City Chiefs. Alex Smith is their starter for 2017, and more than likely they will be looking for a more immediate impact option with their first round pick. But while I do not expect them to take a QB, I would not be entirely stunned by such a pick.

An unlikely option, but somebody that is at least curious is Washington. They have Kirk Cousins under the franchise tag, but we have no idea what their future holds. I would be surprise if they spent a first round pick on quarterback, but I could see some context for it to happen.

The Denver Broncos have their questions, but they are not going to spend a first round pick on the position for a second consecutive season. Other than these seven teams, is there anybody you think is worth adding?