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Should the 49ers consider trading up for Myles Garrett?

With many questions at the second pick, should the 49ers look to trade up to the top of the NFL draft to select Myles Garrett?

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According to most draft analysts, Myles Garrett is indisputably the best player in the 2017 draft class. If the Cleveland Browns follow the consensus opinion and draft Garrett with the No. 1 overall pick, the 49ers face a conundrum with the 2nd pick.

Many of the players with the talent to go No. 2 overall have health concerns (Malik Hooker, Corey Davis, Jonathan Allen), or play non-premium positions (Leonard Fournette) that don’t often go in the Top 5. The 49ers need a quarterback, but opinions are all over the map on the players available in 2017. As has been the case three times in the last ten drafts, there may not be a single franchise QB in this entire class.

Some have suggested trading down in the first round and accumulating more picks. This makes sense, but it takes two teams to make a trade. For all of the reasons listed above, there may not be a player available that teams value enough to trade up.

One option that has not been discussed much, is the 49ers attempting to trade up to the No. 1 overall pick to draft Garrett themselves. Garrett is an elite prospect, at a premium position of need, without any serious question marks. He’s drawn comparisons to Von Miller, who was drafted 2nd overall 2011 by a rebuilding Broncos team.

According to the standard trade value chart, the 49ers would need to give up an additional 400 points (equivalent to the 18th pick of the 2nd round) to make that move up. Using 2017 picks the teams currently own to come to as close an exact value trade as possible, here is a potential option:

49ers give up

No. 2
No. 34
No. 66
(3440 points)

Browns give up

No. 1
No. 52
No. 145
No. 175
(3434.9 points)

The 49ers would be without a 3rd round pick, and would move from the top to the middle of the 2nd round. It is a substantial price to pay, and receiving two 5th round picks in return does little to mitigate that cost. If Garrett has a Von Miller type impact at the NFL level, however, the price might be well worthwhile.

The Browns may prefer to stay put, and could even pass on Garrett at the top spot, but is a trade up to pick No. 1 something the 49ers should consider?