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Carlos Hyde loves cake, been watching Falcons offensive tape

But not chocolate cake.

The San Francisco 49ers decision to hire Kyle Shanahan could mean big things for running back Carlos Hyde, and he seems pretty pumped about the possibilities. Hyde recently took part in Vice Sports’ “Ride Along” feature, and had a chance to discuss a variety of topics.

You can watch the video above, and it opens with him opining on his love of cake. Apparently he does not like chocolate cake, but loves yellow cake. I’ll eat chocolate cake, but anything that is lemon-flavored works for me, so I’m down with this.

He gets into some football discussion, and talks about enjoying playing under Chip Kelly. He likes a game-plan that will get him the rock, and he certainly got a lot of opportunities under Kelly. He missed three games, costing him a chance at 1,000 rushing yards. That remains a big issue for him, with injuries cutting into his first two seasons as a starter.

He also spoke briefly about Kyle Shanahan’s offense. He said he has been watching some tape of the Falcons, and is getting excited about the opportunities it will present. We hear all about the passing game, but the ground game is something that can prove critical to Shanahan’s offense. We’ll likely see the team add at least one more running back to serve as a complement to Hyde. Whether that is through free agency or the draft remains to be seen, but we’ll see something.