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2017 NFL mock draft: Solomon Thomas fast approaching Mitch Trubisky

The 49ers need defensive help, but is Solomon Thomas the right choice?

The 2017 NFL Draft is just under six weeks away, and we are seeing a transition in mock drafts. I updated the NN mock draft database, and while North Carolina quarterback Mitchell Trubisky remains the most picked player of the group, he has lost considerably ground to Stanford defensive end Solomon Thomas.

We currently have 31 mock drafts listed. From that, we have eight Trubisky picks and seven Thomas picks. We also have six safety picks, with three each of LSU’s Jamal Adams and Ohio State’s Malik Hooker. There is one more QB pick, with Peter Schrager mocking DeShone Kizer to the 49ers.

Quarterback seems less and less likely as we move closer to the draft. I have a hunch that by draft day, Trubisky will no longer have the plurality of selections. Thomas seems to be the choice lately, and it is hard to see much changing that for the time being. The busiest part of free agency is a wrap, so the most notable aspects of rosters are what they are for the time being. It would take a prospect injury or a trade to really shake things up at this point.

I am still not 100 percent solid on Thomas as the right pick. He is clearly a talented defensive lineman, and the 49ers need talent, but Thomas might be one exception in light of the 49ers recent drafts, his skillset, and what the 49ers are doing with their defense. I could be plenty wrong about that, but I’m just not sure Thomas will be the pick.