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2017 NFL Combine results: Mitch Trubisky measures in over 6’2

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The 49ers and other teams got their first answer from the Combine about Mitch Trubisky.

The 2017 NFL Combine continues on Thursday with quarterbacks and wide receivers getting measured. One of the big questions heading into Thursday was how tall Mitch Trubisky is. There had been some early reports he would measure in under 6’2, but he ended up measuring in at 6’2 1/8, with 9 1/2 inch hands.

The difference between 6’1 and 6’2 is not a lot, but for a quarterback, teams will see a problem with a “shorter” quarterback. There are some shorter quarterbacks that have succeeded, but they are viewed as the exception not the rule. There are always concerns about a quarterback being able to sufficiently see down the field to find passing lanes.

Trubisky already has one red flag in only having one year of starting experience. Adding in not having optimal height might have been enough to drop him at least a little bit. I think teams would likely still roll the dice on him, but the height would have been a question.

Some other notable measurements on Thursday:

DeShaun Watson: 6’2 1/2, 9 3/4” hands
Pat Mahomes: 6’2, 9 1/4”
DeShone Kizer: 6’4 1/4, 9 7/8”
Brad Kaaya: 6’3 7/8 (not finding hand size yet)