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Mike Garafolo handicaps 49ers as early favorite for Alshon Jeffery

Do you invest heavily in free agency at the wide receiver position?

The San Francisco 49ers have a need at wide receiver, so it is no surprise they have been mentioned in connection with free agent Alshon Jeffery. ESPN’s Josina Anderson reported the 49ers, Titans, Eagles, and Bears are all interested in Jeffery. This followed a Wednesday report that the 49ers were expected to go hard at Jeffery.

On Thursday, NFL Network reporter Mike Garafolo was asked if the Titans were the front-runner for Jeffery. He responded that he would handicap the 49ers “as the very early favorite.”

The 49ers do need help at wide receiver, but I remain skeptical about investing big bucks in Jeffery. He is an incredibly talented receiver, and if healthy is a great option for the team. The question is whether or not he can actually stay healthy.

The 49ers are in a position where they need whatever help they can get. And even with a big contract, they would probably be able to get out of it without too much harm to their salary cap situation. They have a ton of space, and can afford to be aggressive.

So I suppose it depends on how aggressive you want to see the team be. They have cap space to spend, but do they take a more patient approach and invest primarily in the draft, and instead complement through free agency rather than invest heavily there?