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John Lynch prepped for eventual GM job by doing mock drafts

He’s a football nerd like the rest of us.

It turns out John Lynch is just like the rest of us! The new San Francisco 49ers general manager met with the media on Thursday at the NFL Combine, and said that he used to put together mock drafts in the build-up to the annual NFL Draft.

Lynch said it drove his wife crazy, but he enjoyed doing them. He also talked about how he enjoyed watching the draft into day three, even when it was a rare time off. He described himself as a football junkie.

Lynch will get a chance to take this a slightly bigger step further in the upcoming 2017 NFL Draft. The 49ers front office and coaching staff have been breaking down film the past few weeks, and the Combine is the first chance to meet with these prospects, and see how they perform in drills. That will be followed by Pro Day workouts and then up to 30 private meetings.

In the meantime, we’ll be here to provide Lynch with all the mock drafts he wants!