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49ers among teams interested in Tyrod Taylor, if he is released

The Bills decision will impact the timing of other free agent QBs.

The Buffalo Bills have to decide by March 11 if they are going to release quarterback Tyrod Taylor, and interested parties are already lining up if that happens. Buffalo Bills columnist Vic Carucci is reporting the San Francisco 49ers, New York Jets, and Cleveland Browns are three of what could be more teams that have an interest in signing Taylor should he be released.

The new league year gets started a week from today, which means free agency and trades get going. It is safe to say that Tyrod Taylor is not going to be the only quarterback to whom the 49ers, Browns, and Jets are all connected before all is said and done. If I’m an agent, or a team looking to drum up some trade demand, those three plus the Chicago Bears are all teams that will get a mention in the rumor mill.

The Bills coaching staff has had good things to say about Taylor, but head coach Sean McDermott has said they will take as long as is necessary up to the March 11 deadline to get this sorted out. This makes for an interesting issue of timing when formal free agency and trading gets started on March 9. There will be two days before the Bills have to make a decision. The Bills decision on Taylor could impact the market for guys like Colin Kaepernick and Mike Glennon. Some teams might have no interest in Taylor, and thus be willing to snap up Kaepernick or Glennon. Other teams might want to wait and see what happens with Taylor.