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Ian Rapoport: Seattle could make sense for Colin Kaepernick

It is unlikely, but Ian Rapoport is still there to get our heads spinning.

Plenty of people are happy to see Colin Kaepernick leave the San Francisco 49ers, but there is one destination that would probably make some heads explode. NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport was talking about potential destinations for Kaepernick, and threw Seattle out there.

Rapoport did not say he had heard that would happen, or that it was even on the Seahawks or Kaepernick’s radar. Rather, he simply said, it made sense with the Seahawks potentially looking to improve their backup quarterback position and suggesting they have an offense that could work for him.

Kaepernick faces a questionable market in free agency. Some teams likely will stay away because of the protest, even with reports he will not kneel in 2017. Others will want to go younger, or with somebody who they think could provide more consistency. John Lynch said they agreed not to shut the door on potentially doing something under a new deal, but he will test free agency, and the 49ers will consider their own options.

I would be surprised if he ended up in Seattle, primarily though because I don’t see him going somewhere that has a clear starter in place. He might not get a guaranteed starting job, but I don’t see him at a point in his career where he would want to sit for a year, barring any injuries. As crazy as it would be to see him in a Seahawks uniform, I just don’t see it happening with Russell Wilson there.