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Chip Kelly auditioned for FOX NFL broadcasting job

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He was fun on Murph & Mac during his brief time with the 49ers. I’d be down for some analyst work from Kelly.

Former San Francisco 49ers head coach Chip Kelly was in the loop for a couple offensive coordinator jobs, but it would appear his next NFL job might be in the media. Yahoo! NFL reporter Charles Robinson tweeted on Thursday that Kelly auditioned with FOX Sports last week.

FOX Sports lost one of the color analysts when John Lynch took over as general manager of the 49ers. It would certainly be quite the coincidence if they ended up with the complete reversal of roles. Lynch worked with Kevin Burkhardt and Kenny Albert, with Pam Oliver serving as their sideline reporter.

The networks shake things up a bit each year, and we also don’t know if Kelly would be in the booth or in the studio. Either way, I think he could make for a quality NFL analyst. He did not find success as an NFL coach, but he knows football incredibly well. His press conferences featured some humor, but his best stuff came when he did his weekly morning segment with the Murph & Mac Show on KNBR. He knows a lot about a lot of sports, and I wouldn’t mind hearing him talking football on Sunday.