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Jets releasing WR Brandon Marshall, per reports

The 49ers need wide receiver help, but I have a feeling Brandon Marshall goes to a contender.

The New York Jets are in the process of clearing out a lot of veteran salary cap space, and the latest to be released is wide receiver Brandon Marshall. Multiple reports have the Jets releasing Marshall, clearing $7.5 million in salary cap space.

The move is not surprising as the Jets begin, or continue their latest rebuilding effort. But it is still a bit surprising to see such a high quality receiver hit the market. The Jets offense was awful last season, with Marshall finishing the season with 59 receptions for 788 yards and three touchdowns. This followed a 2015 season in which he had 109 receptions for 1,502 yards and 14 touchdowns.

Since Marshall was released, he will hit the open market immediately, rather than next week when free agency starts. Most any team in the NFL could use a receiver like Marshall, so I would have to imagine he will be lining up visits sooner rather than later. The NFL Combine is going on right now, but I’m guessing his agent can get some meetings organized while he is most likely in Indianapolis.

The San Francisco 49ers need wide receiver help, and a receiver like Marshall would certainly be valuable for whomever is the next starting quarterback. Marshall turns 33 this offseason, so he’s certainly not someone you want to give a huge extension too. But something for a few years would certainly make sense. I would have to think he ends up on a playoff contender, but I can dream a little bit.