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Donald Trump references Colin Kaepernick report that owners are scared of tweets

Least surprising development of the week.

Over the weekend, Bleacher Report NFL columnist Mike Freeman reported that one executive believed some teams would not sign Colin Kaepernick because of fears that Donald Trump would tweet something about them. The executive said he thought about 10 percent of teams had that concern, and that as many as 60 percent of teams downright hate Kap for his protest.

It should surprise nobody that Donald was going to say something about that. He was in Louisville on Monday giving a speech, and he referenced the article.

He said he heard about it and would report it to the people of Kentucky, “[b]ecause they like it when people actually stand for the American flag.” According to The Comeback, the article was cited on conservative websites, which is likely where Trump heard about it. And given the reference to his Twitter account, there was no doubt he was going to say something about it.

There are some who think Kaepernick is being black-balled by the league. I lean that way, although I can see why we’ll want to see what happens as offseason workout programs get closer. I still think he ends up not playing next year, but injuries and desperation could change the tune of some folks. I guess we’ll see if he is playing anywhere in a few months.