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Pierre Garcon considering bringing his pizza chain to the Bay Area

I might have to hit up one of its DMV locations.

Free agent wide receiver Pierre Garcon joined the San Francisco 49ers a little over a week ago, after spending five years in Washington. During his time with Washington, Garcon got into the pizza business, co-launching SpinFire Pizza. The small chain is growing, and now Garcon might consider bringing it to the Bay Area.

Garcon was doing an interview on TMZ Sports, and he was asked about potentially bringing the chain to the Bay Area.

"There's a possibility that it could end up on the west side, because the West Coast is pretty active and going, and they love food, they have strip malls there, so there’s a possibility. I can't confirm it. But it doesn't hurt to have it there because San Jose is very busy, the Bay Area is very busy, San Francisco, Oakland. It's all busy. There's people there. So there's foot traffic in it, and that's what we need. It’s a possibility."

I knew about Garcon’s pizza place, but I have yet to try it out. There is one across the river in Rosslyn, Virginia, and I might just have to give it a try before it launches in the Bay Area. As San Francisco Chronicle producer Katie Dowd pointed out, it has gotten good ratings in the fast casual market. It’s easy to get over there via metro, but I always find myself making excuses for not going over to Virginia.

The restaurant cooks their pizzas in 90 seconds. Garcon described his interest in the business, and what he goes through with it in this Washington Post feature. He is actively involved in the chain, and did not put his name on it in part because he wanted to grow it beyond its regional base. It has franchised out to the United Arab Emirates, and Garcon and his partner are looking to potentially franchise it to college towns.

I’ll take some time one of these days to give it a try and put together my own official review of the pizza. I’d say we could compare it to Vernon Davis’s Jamba Juice, but I’m pretty sure Jamba Juice is the same wherever you go.