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Colin Kaepernick donates to Meals-on-Wheels, Love Army for Somalia in latest $100,000 round

The good works keep on coming.

Former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick is back with his latest round of donations. Kaepernick has been donating $100,000 per month since last October, on his way to donating $1 million in total over the course of a year. According to Ian Rapoport, the next round of $100,000 will be split evenly between Meals on Wheels and Love Army for Somalia.

Kaepernick has been focusing primarily on community charities around the country, but the last couple months we have seen him hit up some more high profile situations. For example, in December, he donated to a UCSF group helping out at Standing Rock.

His $50,000 donation to Meals on Wheels comes amidst reports that Donald Trump’s first budget as president will include cuts to grant programs that help fund Meals on Wheels. The program does not receive direct government funding, but some of their funding comes from community development block grants. The initial budget proposal is looking to eliminate that. Additionally, the Department of Health and Human Services is looking at a 16 percent cut across the board, which could impact Meals on Wheels.

The $50,000 donation to Love Army for Somalia follows on a project with which he has become involved in recent weeks. There is a developing famine in Somalia, and recently Kaepernick posted video about needing to get access to a Turkish Airlines plane that could fly into Somalia. A group called Love Army for Somalia has been pushing on this, with help from Ben Stiller’s charitable foundation. Kaepernick is just one of many people promoting it, but they were successful in getting access to a 60-ton plane. They have subsequently been raising money for food, water, and other supplies. They have raised nearly $2 million on a GoFundMe page, and Kaepernick’s donation is going to that.